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Quisqueya Business Consulting (QBC Worldwide) was created to assist communities with resume and career counseling, medical billing and health care consulting services, music management, and a personal goods catalog service. QBC has been in existence since 2007.


Medical Billing and Consulting

The goal of QBC Worldwide’s Care Quality Management Medical Billing Service division  is to  improve the efficiency of medical office administrative tasks. We do this by monitoring return of revenue and ensuring that accurate billing data is communicated with insurance companies .  Current industry standards report that insurance companies pay only 60-75% of claims correctly. QBC Worldwide works to increase that rate by assisting with accurate and appropriate electronic claims filing, resulting in faster reimbursement. To help health care providers navigate the complex world of medical billing, QBC Worldwide works to:

  • Improve coding accuracy ,
  • Effectively review all billing rules for better collection rates,
  • Review and assist during contract negotiations with partnering entities, such as insurance companies, other providers, and health care supply companies.
  • Conduct extensive editing of coding guidelines, billing documents, and policy and procedures of insurance plans.

Resume and Career Services

It can be overwhelming to seek new career options, start a new business or reinvent an old business idea. QBC Worldwide helps clients focus on better career choices, making the best business decisions for themselves and their organizations. We help our clients create organized resumes and/or promote focused business ideas so they can move forward in their careers as productive, valued members of their business community.  By providing one-on-one sessions or seminars on career counseling and entrepreneurialism, QBC Worldwide provides valuable resources and skill-building to help clients focus on their goals and achieve greater success.

RJ Catalog Company

The RJ Catalog division of QBC Worldwide is solely dedicated to the needs of your loved ones, no matter where they are. We ship personal goods (including basic essentials like skincare, bath and cooking products) to loved ones. We serve the needs of inmates, elderly family members, children in college and those in the military. Connecting families and friends is our business.  We serve the community, one family at a time. From hair products to cooking supplies to entertainment, we’ve got it.

Music Management

QBC Worldwide Management focuses on an artist’s needs, helping them present their message to the world through their music. We focus on the artist, bridging the gap between music and technology by using popular streams of social media to connect with fans around the world.  We try our best to meet the needs of the artist to help them fulfill their dreams. We partner with artists to create and brand their career so they can have an everlasting impact on the world. QBC Worldwide Management thinks globally because the world should be exposed to your talents.

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Which way do I go, well QBC Worldwide can help you with choosing Success. Failure is not option with QBC Worldwide. Our mission is to empower the community and break down social and economic barriers which may impede career, social and economic development. Our vision is to help you or your company achieve their career or business goals.

QBC Worldwide was created to:

  • Provide Job opportunites to community
  • Educate the community on advancing their goals and objectives.
  • Provide a network of businesses that provide excellent products and services.
  • Develop a ntaional personnel resource center
  • Act as a leader in entrepreneurship and economic development
  • Create oppotutuies for business or individuals to fulfill their goals one rung at a time.